Hello, dear dogs and their beloved humans!


I am Alisa, dog wellfare and behavior coach and researcher, M.Sci (Psy). 


My mission is to enhance the well-being of dogs and their humans. In my work, I employ a holistic approach that incorporates up-to-date research in animal science, modern reward-based training methods, and respect for dogs and their guardians.


Numerous studies have shown that an abnormal level of stress can be the root cause of not only serious health issues but also various behavioral problems in dogs, such as anxiety, fear, poor learning, aggression, hyperactivity, and inappropriate elimination (f.i., Williams, E.J.; Blackwell, E., 2019, Rohleder, N., 2019, Bele´n Rosado, 2010, Mills, D.; Karagiannis, C.; Zulch, 2014, R. Mitra & Robert M. Sapolsky, 2008, Bruce S McEwen et al., 2016). 


The causes of stress in modern pet dogs stem from the inability to satisfy their breed-specific and species-specific needs in the contemporary urban environment, which is rife with various restrictions, distressing noises, unpleasant odors, and absurd demands. My job is to comprehend the unique issues of each dog-human family and discover easy and enjoyable ways to alleviate them.


I am proud to uphold the PDTE Code of Ethics and The Pet Professional Guild Code of Ethical Conduct

That is what we can do together:


Improve the welfare and behaviour of your dog 

I can offer professional assistance with environmental enrichment and play-based training to help your dog feel happier and address any potential behavioral issues. This will also enhance mutual communication between you and your buddy.

Raise the best dog in the world


I can assist you in preparing for your new puppy by providing guidance on proper socialization and early development. These practices greatly contribute to your future relationship with your companion and promote their physical and mental well-being. 

Try Scentplay 


A dog's nose is a truly amazing thing. Research shows that even just two weeks of simple sniff-related games can significantly reduce many serious issues (Horowitz, 2019). You don't need formal nosework classes to benefit from your dog's superpower.

Create a sensory garden or a dog-friendly room

If you want to optimize your dog's level of stress in an urban environment, decrease their level of boredom, and make them happy from their perspective, I can assist you by providing scientifically proven methods and tailor-made solutions.

My aproach in numbers:



  the level of long-term stress decreased during the implementation of Dog Play-and-Train program


of people involved in this program reported that the dog's behaviour and their relationships with the dog improved more than they could expect


minutes a day only you should spend playing and training your dog to achieve such results


€60.00 per hour

  • First meeting / pre-puppy session usually takes 45-60 minutes.
  • Play-and-Train or Scent Play session lasts 30- 40 minutes, including play, rest, training, and talking to you.
  • Treats are included.
  • Toys and other enrichment staff are not included.
  • In Malta, transfer fee is €5.00 per session, except St Paul's Bay - Qawra area. 

Contact me


To save time and money, you can complete Traits and Needs Questionnaire and Stress Level Questionnaire before booking the consultation. 

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